Monday, 8 December 2014


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What you can do well now, robots will do better in the future. For now, we are still needed but robots are already used in space discoveries, places on Earth that are too dangerous for humans, labs and assembly lines, and take part in real human wars.

 We can only hope that robots will not evolve to organize a rebellion.
For now robots complete humans not replacing them completely. Technology moves forward and some robots have already showed themselves in science.



Scenario when robots rise up against their creators sounds least likely and can be imagined only in futuristic movies. But it doesn’t mean that situation like that will not happen in future. Thousands of drones and robots were used in battles against real people –  for example they were used in Iran and Afghanistan.  Automatic anti-aircraft gun kills by itself with no human control. This situation even happened during trainings. Military investigators seriously talk about the possibility of a Terminator scenario happening in real life and discuss how robots change the rules and ways of modern warfare.
As an example we can talk about Great Britain which created network of satellites to control drones and other military machines. As a matter of fact the system is named the same as the artificial intelligence in the films of the “Terminator” – Skynet…

Reasons to Be Terrified of Robots….


Real robot names like Roomba or Asimo don’t cause as much terror as the fictional “Terminator”, but you need to bear in mind that the cleaning robot Roomba  is actually made by iRobot – at the same place as the military robots for United States Armed Forces! And Asimo is only first prototypes of robots that look like real people.

 In Japan and Korea there is a plan of using humanoid robots to look after elderly people, while in the US, robots will be used on the battlefield. Of course, it’s too early to panic: it will take awhile for robots to take over humanity but they certainly can replace us in some other ways…